Luffa cylindrica (Sponge Luffa)

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    Luffa cylindrica (Sponge Luffa) 23 May 2009 Luffa cylindrica (Sponge Luffa)
    (aka. Luffa, Luffah, Loofa, Loofah, Sze Qwa, Cee Gwa, Sponge Gourd, Dishcloth Gourd)
    Seeds were started indoors on 20 April 2009, and placed in the outdoor garden on 23 May 2009. The bed was heavily mulched to inhibit moisture evaporation. My Zone 5 is marginal for the growth of this plant, since the fruit must be ripe on the vine before sponges can be made, and this takes about 180 days. This plant is not frost tolerant.

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