Lizard orchid thrives along railway.

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    Impressive labella!

    A rare orchid believed to be extinct has been spotted flowering again for the first time in 100 years.

    It was first spotted in Kent in 1641, but its population has since plummeted and it is now regarded as near extinct.

    >>One wonders who was census-taking the orchid population in 1641.

    The plants were last seen in bloom in the region a century ago in the Dartford area, leading many to fear they had been wiped out.

    Rare lizard orchid that experts thought was extinct flowers for the first time in 100 years | Daily Mail Online

    Himantoglossum hircinum - Wikipedia
    Fun fact:
    Flowers strongly smell of male goats
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    That article is also interesting for the bit about how the railway is interested in increasing bio-diversity in the area.

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