Appreciation: Lichenomphalia & friends at UBC Bot G

Discussion in 'Fungi, Lichens and Slime Molds' started by Frog, Mar 8, 2013.

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    For those of you who frequent the Pacific Northwest flora section of the UBC Botanical Garden, there is a lovely fresh fruiting of Lichenomphalia (on the log it has liked for several years) on the south side of the north-ish trail.

    If you look close you can see very furfuraceous pileii on the freshest specimens: It makes me wonder if this relates to the cold weather, as with the fuzzy hairyness of cold adapted plants etc.

    Also in that general part of the garden there is a huge crowd of Tubaria, happily devouring a sawdust woodchip path section. I think maybe T. confragosa but not certain.


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