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    I've got a sunny spot in my East Van garden. The leaves on my iris dry and brown every year. What's the issue here?

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    If they are Iris germanica or Iris barbata, the rhizomatous root hybrids, which produce long sword-shaped green-blue leaves, up to one meter high. These irises in our climate have a spring bloom, which continues until the end of June in many cases; then only the leaves remain, which can create large bushes over the years. These leaves continue to vegetate even in summer, but usually, in July, they naturally tend to dry out, and the rhizomes enter vegetative rest until the following year. So, if the leaves gradually turn yellow and dry out, it could easily be the normal vegetative cycle of your irises, which at the end of July can also be unearthed and divided, if necessary.
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    Iris will re-direct the starches and sugars down towards the rhizome at this time of the year. The plant is ensuring all the goodness it needs is going to where it is needed for next season. As Arlette has rightly said this is a natural development at this time of the year.
    Now if this was happening in the Spring, then another option should be considered. But I will not go into that here as this was not your question.
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