Rhododendrons: Large in two ways

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    Here are a couple of Rhodo pics from a garden tour of Royal Roads in Victoria, BC (2000) that may be of interest to Rhododendron enthusiasts.

    First is myself next to the trunk of a large Rhodo. Quite a hefty trunk and large enough to walk under.

    Second, Fritz a fellow garden tour enthusiast, next to a rather large leaved specimen.

    I have no idea what both of these are but they impressed us all on that tour.

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    Nice poses. Not enough of the specimen on the left--the shrub that is--is visible for naming. The one on the right is a Sec. Grandia species or primary hybrid of one. These are some of the 'bigleaf rhododendrons' that may take a comparatively long time to commence flowering, eventually (as in perhaps 150 years) form respectably tree sized specimens in suitably mild climates.

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