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    We have a kwanza cherry tree that continues to be attacked by what looks like fungus. I have attached some photos for your perusal. It actually killed off part of the tree, as you can see. I think it all started when it was pruned incorrectly some years ago. In any event, any recomendations what I can do? I live in Pa and I refuse to give up on this tree. I treated it with some tree pruning spray which seemed to do ok for while. I even went so far as to scrape off all of the fungus, sprayed the tree and it still came back. I suppose it requires a fungicide, but since I don't know what it is I hesitate to use any. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

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    Usually with Armillaria we see the mycelial mats
    under the bark but sometimes we can see them on
    top of the bark. I had an Almond tree do this years
    ago but for it the fungus came in later and was feeding
    on the deteriorating bark from a bout with Bacterial
    Canker. Not sure if you have Armillaria or not or
    whether the fungus is living on deteriorating bark.
    Am I to assume the bark is black due to the tree
    pruning spray? By the last photo we can see the
    amber colored gummosis attributed to Bacterial
    Canker, especially on the underside of the large

    What to do is not all that complicated but may
    not be all that effective but then again the growth
    on this tree looks pretty good so we have a shot
    at helping some.

    First order of business is quit using a tree pruning
    spray. We use to use it on cuts that we expected to
    heal fast just to lightly cover over a cut or applied
    to keep pathogens away from and out of an open
    wound from cuts that have a tendency to bleed.

    I'd scrape off all of the white colored fungus and
    then I'd get a Copper sulfate spray and spray this
    tree from head to toe allowing for a good drench
    of the trunk of this tree where the top of the fungus
    is showing all the way down to the ground. You
    need to mark where the fungus is at its highest
    point and on the limbs it is also on as you should
    get some white latex paint and about 2 days after
    the fungicide spray go in and paint the trunk and
    the branch areas that has the fungus of this tree
    liberally giving it a thorough coating. Wait for
    the paint to dry and give it a second coat. What
    the paint does is keep the fungus at bay, gives
    it no where to go if the fungus is originating
    from the interior of the tree outward. If the
    fungus is indeed living off the slits in the bark
    due to Bacterial Canker damage then we just
    prevented it from feeding on this tree for a
    while. If the fungus comes right back then
    we have a problem as it means your tree will
    not be around in a couple of years, that the
    subsequent deterioration of the wood is too
    far gone. Also, by covering over the tree with
    the paint we limit the amount of gummosis we
    will see in the trunk and side branches until
    later when the weather cools.

    Good luck,

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    Thank You, I will start tonight. I will let you know how things progress,


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