Propagation: Jasmine Vines

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by Gardener1, Apr 10, 2013.

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    I have found Jasmine vines are really easy to propagate. No rooting hormone needed.
    All one has to do is cut a piece 2 ft long, remove the leaves and plant it in potting soil so that at least one foot length is curved up and submerged into the soil. Keep the soil heavily watered so that the moisture just soakes through the wall of the vine to keep it alive. I also added some miracle grow to the water and it took 2 weeks indoors to sprout new leaves??
    Now I can have jasmine plants in every room and I don't need to spend money to buy them.
    The only problem left is figuring out how to force the plant into bloom to get the fragrant flowers. The stores seem to have them teeming with buds and blooms, however, at home the plants refuse to bloom.... I have tried pruning them, I have tried putting them for long days under light for 7 days followed by short 5 days but to no avail.
    Can anyone advise how to make Jasmine bloom??
    Thanks a lot
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    Since there are umpteen different 'Jasmine vines' how about a picture
    so we know which one we're dealing with?

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