Is this an Orchid? How do I care for it ?

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    The water very rapidly goes down a mountain ! The folk at the bottom of the mountain didn't enjoy it much - flooded roads and some houses. There are no flood plains on this mountain just very deep stream and river gulleys.

    We have had a lot worse here. I took some photos for identification of the water meadow flowers... here follows part 1 (now as I'm ignorant they may all be ordinary lawn weeds)

    The River Amman near the source running along the Water Meadow:-

    Loads more but that is enough for now.

    A congrats to anyone who can name both the 5 alkaloid poisons and the moth whose caterpillar eats its leaves of one of them.

    : )

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    Glad to hear that you are OK!!!

    Ergot (Claviceps purpurea)
    L-dopa (Liana)
    Acetylcholine (Urtica)
    Capsaicin (Chili peppers)
    Atropine (Datura)
    Psilocybin (Amanita muscaria)
    Hawk moth larvae (hornworms) eat Datura.

    Must rush off to work! Thanks for the pictures.

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