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Discussion in 'Conversations Forum' started by Geoff Caldwell, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Hello, I'm Geoff from Nottingham, England. I came to this site through researching bamboo on the net. I bought this tall yellow bamboo three seasons ago to fill out a corner in my small garden and as a guesture of defiance against the tall evergreen trees next door that overshadow my garden and drop billions of leaves on me every year. For the first two seasons my bamboo did nothing but in the wet and warm conditions this season it has gone bannanas and I'm terrified! I thought it was a clump only plant but not so. It's putting shoots out all over the place. I've read about inserting barriers but when it comes to hiring excavators to dig 3' trenches I think things are getting out of hand and I'd better dig it out before it's too late.
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    Hi Geoff, welcome to the forums. Yikes, bamboo can get out of hand quickly,eh? I hope you are able to get it under control. If you have any specific questions about controlling the bamboo someone on the forums should be able to help.
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    Geoff, you may not need such large equipment, irrigation installation companies use a machine sometimes called a Ditch Witch, they are a vertical trencher that you can walk behind to operate, sort of like a rototiller on steroids, they may be able to trench for you and then you can install a root barrier product to help reduce or eliminate the spread of the bamboo.
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    Thanks for those obsevations gentlemen. I like this site. It has a nice tone to it.
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    Possibly replacement with a Chusquea would work out better in the long run.
  6. What's one of them! Thanks for the advice Ron, I've only just found it.

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