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  1. I 've grown,bred,and exhibited orchids. Although I still maintain a small collection, my interest in plants and their culture has gone in other directions. I now collect dwarf conifers and other uncommon plant types and, I'm pursuing methods of propagation. My facination with plants keeps growing and although my education is in art, and teaching, I cannot resist being drawn to plants and plant biology. I'm pleased to have stumbled upon your site and look forward to learning and, maybe making a contribution.
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    Hello rgrankin, welcome to the UBCBG Forums. Nature (especially the plant world) does seem to have a strong influence on art and art has quite a place in our gardens and landscapes. There are some interesting examples of this interaction on the forums.

    Rgrankin if you have any examples of botanical art that you would like to share, please do. We would love to see it. I am guessing you teach art? You may have special insights into art - plant connections.

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