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Discussion in 'Talk about UBC Botanical Garden' started by Bambi, Aug 1, 2007.

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    What is the selection like at the indoor plant sale? I'm going to be in the Vancouver area around that time and thought it would be a good chance to visit the garden, (haven't been before) and maybe find some neat plants.

    The website has a general list, but I was wondering if there will be rare plants there? What kind of succulents can I expect? Has there been any caudiciforms at the sale in the past?

    Would this be a great way to find plants that I can't seem to find anywhere else?

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    Hey Bambi,

    The Indoor Plant Sale always has lots of interesting things. There are usually a few unusual gems, but I would not say it has a lot of really rare plants. From what I have seen, the plants are generally very nice, healthy specimens for a good price. It is the only sale at the garden for Indoor Plants. (Don't know about caudiciform plants, but there seems to be new things each year, so...)

    The Collectors' Plant Auction features the rare plants.

    Some rare/unusual garden plants are offered at the Perennial Plant Sale, which now includes the Native Plant Sale.

    I have found some real treasures at The Shop in the Garden. It's always a good idea to check in there to see what is on the shelves.

    And don't forget to check the main page of the UBCBG website for the news on sales around town. Garden societies and plant enthusiast groups offer up some of the most interesting, rare items at their sales. Look up VanDusens website as well. Many of these types of sales are held there.

    Happy shopping!

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