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Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by AngieandDerek, Nov 9, 2004.

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    Hello everyone! We recently received a plant from my inlaws. It looks like a small fir tree. The needles are short and soft. This is an indoor plant. It only stands about two and a half feet tall. If anyone can identify this plant please let me know. I am also interested to know if this plant is considered to be high on the allergen list. We have a 2 mo. old daughter and I place her near this tree for her nap time. I've noticed her sneezing and coughing since we have brought this tree into our home. This was also the same time we had to start using our furnace due to the colder temperatures. If anyone has any clue on this I would sincerely appreciate your input. Thank You!georgia4blue
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    Could it be a Norfolk Island Pine, Araucaria hetrophylla? It's a fairly common house plant that fits the description. If this is the correct I.D. of your plant, it might not be the cause of allergies. See this link, which recommends Norfolk Island Pine as an alternative to other holiday decorations because it causes fewer allergic reactions.

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