ID please for Alpine Asteraceae

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    Found in Cathedral Provincial Park, BC Interior, at ca. 2300m altitude in "Fell-field" type of habitat, 2022 June 26. Only specimen of its type.
    I have exhaustively searched E-flora, but basal leaves of the type seen, not visible in title photos.
    As only specimen and in Provincial Park, I did not dissect the flower head, so may or may not have disc florets.
    I subsequently came across a photo taken June 28th of likely the same sp. also taken elsewhere in Cathedral Park. This is added , plus fl. detail.
    July 4 - I have been since advised that this is most likely to be Erigeron compositus var. glabratus (which is recorded in the general area). The white ray florets were not suspected by me from observing the fl. buds, and I had only considered all-yellow flowered sp. in E-flora !

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    Yes, the advice is good. Never trust Erigeron inflorescence buds as being the final colour.
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