Hydroponics anyone?

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by heatherflower, Sep 5, 2021.

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    I’m curious if anyone on here has experience with hydroponics and has advice. I’m thinking to build an indoor system that can go against a wall under my skylight. But I want something very low maintenance and to make a unit in a weekend.

    I’m looking for fresh organic food year round. My questions: what are your thoughts on hydroponics? Have you ever built one and if so, what experiences can you share? Is this something that you feel is desirable in a home and why? Have you seen any beautiful systems that you would suggest for indoors?
    Is this something that you would consider in your own home?
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    One of my sons attended a vocational school where they grew vegetables (tomatoes, green pepper, etc.) in a greenhouse, in rockwool with a drip system. The way some pros do.

    I wouldn't do that in my home for lack of space, and because I much prefer "natural", organic vegetables.

    But it depends what you want to grow : is it worth the money you want to invest ?

    Here the vast majority of the people who grow indoor plants with hydroponics grow cannabis, which is illegal in France : try to search cannabis+hydroponics, you can probably adapt the advice you'll find there, you could find some good reeferences perhaps...
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    Having tried hydroponic produce both legal and illicit in the past I found natural soil grown to be much better in flavour, I wouldn't bother with it myself.
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