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  1. ...a "Nellie Stevens" holly tree without ending up next spring burying her?...location is coast of Massachusetts.

    Is compost sold or must I make my own from leaves?
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    "Nellie Stevens"

    "Nellie Stevens" sounds like a good choice. Take a look at this US Forest Service fact sheet (PDF). Sounds like an adaptable shrub, should do fine in your area. Make sure you consider its size when deciding where to plant it.
    As far as the actual planting, dig a hole around twice the width and one and a half times the size of the rootball, remove plant from its container or wrapping, trim off any broken or damaged roots, add enough soil to the hole so that the top of the root ball will be even with the soil surface, set the plant in the hole, straighten the plant and fill in the hole gently tamping the soil. Water thoroughly. It's a good idea to apply a good layer of mulch to the surface to help retain moisture and protect the roots from cold.
    Compost is readily availble at most garden centres.

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