How to abbreviate the genus name when listing plants

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    I am making a list of all the plants I own. Rather than writing out the complete genus name for each I would like to abbreviate the genus where I have many species and cultivars to list. However I am confused as to how to do this for genera that start with the same letter in the alphabet.As an example I have Chlorophytum comosum and Chirita balansae. Would it be correct to list them both as C. comosum and C. balansae. How would someone looking at my list know that one is a Chirita and the other a spider plant? Is there a reference to which i could go that would list all the accepted abbreviations for different genera.
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    Best to spell them out if there's any risk of not knowing which genus is meant. Abbreviating is only done where there is no room for doubt.
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    You know from the sequence. You spell it out the first time it is used in the list and then abbreviate afterward, until the next genus. Like this:

    Abelia 'Edward Goucher'
    A. x grandiflora
    A. zanderi
    Abies grandis

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