How much to water new Leylands?

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    I've planted 40 small Leyland Cyress trees, along my propert line. The trees are about a foot tall. My soil is mostly heavy clay, and completely exposed to sun all day. I've been watering about every other day (trees were planted about a week and a half ago). I live in the Nashville TN area, where summers are hot and humid, with little rain July and August. Parts of my yard that have bare soil, starts to look like dry cracked cement after a day or 2 without water. I'm wondering if watering every other day is 2 much or 2 little? The Leylands seemed very top heavy, when I planted them, and about half of what I've planted are standing tall now, while the others still lean over. With 1 or 2 turning brown (I've read this sometimes happens, but they bounce back)

    And advice would be helpful and informative.
    Thank you

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