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  1. Hi, I am trying to identify a house plant I bought a couple of years ago. I've thought it was a wandering jew but the tops of the leaves are not striped in the way I have seen in pictures. Unfortunately I don't have a picture...sorry! The leaves are long and thin, about 4 inches x 3/4 of an inch, green on top and purple on the bottom (hence the wandering jew theory). This thing grows LIKE MAD. New shoots come out all the time and spring up, but the older leaves are bunched around the pot mostly. Once the shoots age a bit they grow down more than up, and aging seems to bring on the purple on the undersides of the leaves. When the leaves are new, the whole thing (stem, upper, lower) is pale green. The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to cut some pieces off and repot them to make new plants. I'm obviously a novice at this (ha ha!)...any thoughts? I'd appreciate it!
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    Tradescantia fluminensis (wandering jew) also comes in a non-varegated (no white stripes) version. See this link to the University of Florida. There are scads of interesting commelinads (the family Commelinaceae) that are know under the common name "wandering jew." See this link for a page of links to related websites.
  3. Thanks so much!

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