hinoki cypress

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  1. I hope that my hinoki cypress is not in the final stages of life. It has not grown much since I planted it four years ago; at most eight to twelve inches. It has not had many cones - I finally observed some(not more than seven to ten) this past spring. They were small and round. Not that it is the end of July (and we have had cooler than average temperatures for the season), almost all ofthe plant is brown and no longer green. Looking closely at the plant, there is some green where the "leaves" emanate from the stem. I live in southern Ohio, the plant is located in a spot that gets morning light (before 10 AM) and late afternoon light.

    I notice the moles dig through the ground where itis sited. Do moles attack its root system? I thought moles went after the grubs.

    Have I placed it in the wrong spot?

    Please advise.
    Thanks for this opportunity to receive some ideas.
    SW Ohio gardener
  2. If it has gone almost entirely brown the party is over, I'm afraid.

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