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    I am new to this forum but have been scouring the internet trying to find some information and stumbled on this web site.

    We have a hibiscus plant that was recently infested with aphids. Went to a nursery and they recommended the systemic solution. Tried that and it did not work. Went back to the nursery and they gave us some direct spray on solution for the aphids.

    Sprayed it on and it worked! BUT, suddenly the leaves drooped horribly, turned worse yellow than they were and the plant looked pathetic. So as a resort I pruned the entire plant and it now looks like a stick in a flower pot.

    I now have used Miracle Grow and fed it in the hopes of reviving this hibiscus plant. It's been about 2 weeks now and it still looks like a stick in a plant pot. Do you think there is any hope in this plant reviving?
    Any help or advice would be VERY appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    If there has been no new leaf growth for two weeks it must be dead. If there is some growth or any action at the buds, put the plant out of the way where you don't think about it any more than to water it and give it time to recover.

    Aphids are abundant, but generally easy to control with natural means. Just spraying the plant with a jet of water knocks most of them off. Insecticidal soaps and light horticultural oil can be used.

    The plant was stressed by the pests and probably more so by the treatment. Cutting it back would have stressed it further and robbed it of its energy producing leaves and any energy stored there. Over fertilizing stressed plants is a common mistake. It is better to do less and allow the plant to recover before making any adjustments to the soil.

    Hibiscus like rich soil, but do not respond well to too much phosphorus, so Miracle Gro bloom food or other fertilizers formulated for blooming may not be the best for them.

    Good luck on this (or the next) hibiscus,

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