Identification: HELP my plant is dying and i don't know what it is to save it !

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by vrosec, Jan 7, 2004.

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    The house plant is only foliage. The leaves are green on top and purple on the underside. There are no flowers as I have seen. I have had the plant for almost three years and it has begun to wilt one stem at a time. HELP!

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    January 14/04 Dear vrosec - your plant is known as
    Plectranthus & is in the Lamiaceae Family. Your problem
    probably has to do with watering. It may have been over-
    watered or underwatered.

    Cultivation: Under glass, grow in soil-based potting mix
    in full light, with shade from hot sun. During
    the growing season, water freely & apply
    a balanced liquid fertilizer every month; keep
    just moist during winter. Outdoors, grow in
    moderately fertile, well-drained soil in dappled

    Pests &
    Diseases: Sometimes affected by mealybugs, spider mites,
    leaf spots, & root rot.

    Hope this information will be of some assistance & you will be
    able to save your plant.

    from the Hortline

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