Help!! My Hedgehog ate pencil cactus sap, is he going to die?

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by Elise Gooding :), Dec 22, 2015.

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    Hi everyone! I had my hedgehog, Bennie, out to play, and my room is covered in plants. Normally, he likes to play in them and hide in them, but I glanced over from my computer to see him nibbling on my stick cactus/ pencil cactus...This is very worrisome, as I have been told the sap is toxic and heard of people going blind from getting it in their eyes. He did not get very much of the sap, I don't think, but he is very small so I'm concerned that it might be worse for him than it is for a human. Is my hedgehog going to die? I was unable to find anything about the results of ingesting stick cactus sap, so I'm panicking. What can I do to help neutralize the effect of the sap if it does affect him? Is the sap acidic or basic? If I know that, I can maybe give him something of the opposite standing to neutralize the sap. I already gave him water.... Thanks for any help, it is greatly appreciated!! Have a great day :)
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    How is your hedgehog?
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    As Daniel asks above---how is Bennie by now?
    I am hoping that he has suffered no ill effects from euphorbia-nibbling.
    Knowing hedgehogs (I am currently hog-sitting my daughter's), I would not be surprised if Bennie relished the taste!

    For those readers unacquainted with the behavior of these spiny guys, unusual smells/tastes will often produce licking, chewing, and ultimately 'self-anointing'. If not ready for this maneuver, one could easily mistake it for a bout of hydrophobia!

    If he got just a nibble I would think he would be OK.
    Let us know!
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