Help ! moving old grape vines !!

Discussion in 'Grapes and Grape Vines' started by doodle, Apr 22, 2007.

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    A friend of mine has gorgeous grape vines 15+ years old. Chardonnay and another type- I forget now. His place is being demolished for new townhouse subdivision.

    I want to take one of the grape vines. How would I go about doing that? That base is very thick and woody. Can I just get a chain saw, and stump it at about a foot and plant that? Please help. such a shame that they will just get ploughed into a land fill.

    Also he has fig trees. Any one know anything about transplanting figs?

    I also have a posting regarding large apple tree moving. Under the fruit tree section.

    Thank you !!

    PS. I live in Vancouver BC Canada, and these vines will be destroyed by the end of April!!! HELP!!!
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    Browse thru this forum and read thru the posts on moving old vines. There's several threads and quite a lot of discussion - pros and cons of various methods.


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