Help me ID this Japanese Maple

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Elmore, Apr 30, 2004.

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    I would like to identify this Japanese Maple. I believe that it is a cultivar. I grafted it several years back from wood gathered at a local community college's collection of small trees planted out in full sun. I doubt if any at that site have survived. I will go back sometime and investigate. I have it labeled "Shidare?". I don't think it is 'Oshu shidare' although I need to get that cultivar. The leaves average 7cm long and 9cm wide. They have 7 lobes divided about 3/4 of the way from tip to base. They are finely serrated and have a truncate base. The undersides are glabrous, dull green and shiny. the upper surface is now predominantly a dull purple with a prominent green mid-rib. Some leaves show a green under tone but overall it is predominantly purple. I believe that as the season progresses it's color changes to a dark and subtle green tone. Petioles average about 2.5cm or less. I am leaning toward 'Tsukuba ne' but have doubts about that cultivar coming into the college's collection. What do you think?

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    Hi Elmore:

    Can you remember the color of the leaves when you saw the plants
    out in full sun at the college? Can you supply a pic of the backside
    of a leaf or a group of leaves? I know Tsukubane was around in the
    70's but it was not widespread in the nursery trade at all and still isn't.
    I have another possible in mind but for us it is much more Red in color
    in full sun but in Oregon, near Eugene in shade, it is very much like
    yours is and it has been around for a while also. Tell me if you have
    an Umegae around to compare the leaf with. I would like to know the
    size of the leaf and the thickness of the leaf in comparison between the
    two Maples.


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