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Discussion in 'Conversations Forum' started by Allan, Apr 22, 2005.

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    This program is new to me altho I worked in Dave's Garden last year. I would like to submit some experiences from time to time and sometimes related photos. To-day I am hoping to share one. Many years ago in Sask. we used to tour the countryside taking pictures of wild flowers and often tried to transplant them to our garden in town. One such was fragrant evening primrose (Oenethera ceaspitosa) and will try and post a picture if I can figure out how. To get a pic we had to get up before sunrise and get to it before the sun hit it as it was night blooming -- Anyone know about it ?
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    Hello Allan, welcome to the Forums. We would love to read your stories and see the photos. Just navigate through the Forums and post where it seems most appropriate. The first few forums give information about using the Forums. You may want to read through those. The FAQ on the green bar at the top also contain a lot of the info about the forums.

    To attach an image, scroll down below the message box to find Additional Options. Click on Manage Attachments, browse and upload the desired file from your computer. Image does not appear in preview; image will appear after you post your message. (don't forget to upload)

    If you did all this and it did not work, make sure yor file is of the filetype allowed by the forums. (They are listed in the Manage Attachments dialog box.) Also if your files are too large they will not upload. A good image size for the forums is 600 by 800 pixels.

    Once again welcome Allan, enjoy!

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