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    I have aproxamatly 500' feet of property line that I want to grow a privacy hedge.
    I do not want to spend a fortune I am cheap.
    I like the "yew" hedges here's the question.
    A web site is selling 1000 Jananese yew seeds for $24 sounds good.
    How hard is it to germinate and grow these into a hedge, I don't mind waiting a few years for it to get tall enough I only want about 5-6 foot tall hedge.
    Please don't sugest cedars they are as common as fleas on a dirty dog.
    I am not at all a green thumb.
    Just need privacy my neibours went on a logging spree the last few years.
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    Yews make a beautiful hedge but they are considered slow growing and it sounds like you want privacy and visual relief sooner than later.

    A faster solution to your privacy request may require more mature plants which are more costly, both to purchase and install, as well to get established.

    You mentioned that you don't want a cedar hedge. However, they are popular because they are faster growing and cheaper.

    Other 'fast' growing solutions such as bamboo are problematic because of the agressive nature of some bamboos.

    Beeches and certain other shrubs such as chaemoneles make interesting hedges but like all hedges require continuous pruning and training.

    An non-plant option is to build a fence. Building a fence will take your time and effort or cost money.

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