Hardy zone5a tropical plants

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    My name is Adam, and I am currently in a Zone5a, and the winter that just pasted, I was trying to overwinter, a trachycarpus fortunei, livistonia chinesis, sabal minor, musa basjoo, canna lily, yucca rostrata. Unfortunately, some of them survived, and some have died. The ones that survived this year of temps reaching -24C, and windchills of -34C the winners are Sabal Minor, Musa Basjoo, and the Canna lily. The others have either died or slowly still trying to recover. I will try to post up a website soon. Here are some new plants gonna try this upcoming winter. They are Musa Sikkimensis, Nannorrhops ritchiana, and another sabal minor, I also am growing, hardy yuccas and cactus.


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