growing seedlings for the poor

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    After the last freeze we will drop them off at the Salvation Army/local food banks.

    Using bags to grow in mostly. plastic shopping bags cut in half. and then formed by wrapping around a two-liter soda bottle. a little tape. Sandwich baggies would have worked well. Other than that i have a lot of those little six-packs left over from commercial buys. maybe next time i will hit up a landscaper for their leftovers.

    half manure and half dirt since that is what i have a lot of. You know how to do. we think this is a great idea if u have some light space available. The thought of all those kids picking veggies or growing a jackOlantern is a lot of fun. Especially since I know lot of them would have had nothing otherwise.

    i think this summer i will take cuttings from my fruit trees because i like the idea of giving away perennials. i guess the nectarine has a rootstock but luckily THAT is throwing off suckers so it should be okay. and it will be a fun new thing to do besides the fact that it seems likely to boost my growing skills quite a bit (if i am successful, ha ha).

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