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Discussion in 'Poaceae' started by dkg091065, May 1, 2007.

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    I have bought a "Fargesia Robusta" but want to grow it as a house plant, I can't find any advice at all on the net as to how to keep growing in a limited enviornment. I will attach pictures of how small it is now, anyone have advice?

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    I don't think Fargesia will do well as a permanent indoors plant - it needs full sun. If you are looking for an indoor bamboo, try Indocalamus tesselatus - this bamboo prefers complete shade, or at least partial shade. It has huge leaves that seem to grow bigger the more shade it gets - the clump in our property has leaves up to 24 inches long.
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    Being mostly mountain bamboos from monsoon climates, Fargesia generally like shade, actually. F. robusta is more sun-tolerant than usual for the genus. However, bamboos generally make poor house plants - expect difficulty or even failure with this species in that location. I would also wonder about being able to grow it outdoors in Chicago, maybe you ordered it through the mail or it was being sold as a greenhouse plant.

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