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    Burnaby North on a slope facing south & a view :-)
    Hi I love ornamental grasses. I have several types that grow nicely for many years. But one , my favorite, one that grows easy 3m tall you strong white edges seems to regress in size diameter on the floor.
    It's is planted on the side of an arch and created great privacy to our dining patio from a peeking neighbor .
    When I planted it 15 years ago I also planted a vines yellow honeysuckle for the humming birds. So digging it out or so it's near impossible because the roots must be we entwined..
    For years I collected the seeds and when dry sort of spilled crunched them there and some in pot. I tried with other type of grasses also but can never get to grow anything from the seeds. Thanks.
    PS. I make my other pink honeysuckle climb as high as possible next to another red roses arch. So I can see and photograph the hummingbirds they love to sit balance on thin vines. I am alwas scared to trim too much. Do they NEED a strong trim in spring? As well as climbing roses they become more and more thin an high and areal. Can I trim them back strong now in early spring . They bloom like 3m over my face. Is pretty only at certain angles. I have a while l huge white rose climber in the front by the window it also always wants to grow anywhere but on the arch that is directed at the morning sun and in need of the terrain. I pass under to go to other side of the garden next to the house.
    We are in North Burnaby living in the edge for three years now. The landlord wants us out. He wants to rebuild for his son. After a year a trauma leaving our 17 year garden created from scratch he finally changed his mind last year due to new high interest rates. Etc. Now not for all of us but for him wish the rates will stay high an unaffordable. If anyone has a small house for rent with a garden that's need work and design from scratch for up to 2.5k we are very interested. We always rent per year and pay so per check in advance. Never missed a month. And have your upkept his home like it own and barley ever asked for any assistance but 2 plumbers in 17 years. It can be anywhere in the lower mainland one of us works from home the other is force retired no one wants to hire 3D designers over 60.. Thanks for overstepping my garden theme only. But I have made surprises with the gardening community who knows maybe someone is out there and just wants s good tennant from this or next September. I'm a month we ill know we always renew in May. Such an stress living in this city. Have a wonderful spring summer everyone.

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