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    Fungi / mushrooms I counted at least ten different types of mushrooms \ fungi. The spiders all laid there eggs later then usual. In the garden was a hummingbird (they like Lucifer) and stellar jays. A few weeks ago there was a gale strong wind and rain. many mushrooms surfaced after the following rain. I went to see what had washed ashore; nothing. At beaver lake there was big red mushrooms look like giant strawberries, red orange, yellow, black, grey, brown ,maroon , all hues of mushrooms followed. some tall, wide, small caps ,some long stems , short others meaty stocky. One mushroom looked like oyster, others button, chanterelle , i not sure poisonous ones look very similar to tasty ones. It was beautiful to walk in the rain and just over night all the ground was covered with colors different mushrooms and fungi on tree stumps. Is there anyway to grow mushrooms and fungi to paint the ground every time it rains? Are Mushroom entirely in the layers of the pedosphere? How many did you find? some are tiny i found many at Stanly park Sea Wall. Has anyone found glow at night mushrooms? Is it possible to grow them how bright are they? Post any if you see them. please
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    I agree, many beautiful colours and shapes out there Chauncey :-)

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