Flowers for an August wedding

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  1. Due to the outrageous costs associated with wedding related floral arrangements I have been asked to grow some flowers for my friends wedding. I am looking for some guidance as to which species would best suit my needs (I.e. nice long stemmed flowers that are not particularly difficult to grow and should be in flower on August 10). I live 121 deg west and 52 deg north (100 Mile House area). I have a sizable greenhouse if needed.
    I will thank, in advance, anyone with any suggestions.

    Dick Hall
  2. Have you considered gladiolas?
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    We would suggest the following easy annuals from seed or as purchased bedding plants:

    Bachelor's Buttons, Annual Baby's Breath, China Asters (particularly the singles), Sweet Peas,
    Cosmos Daisies, Bells of Ireland and Zinnias to name a few.
  4. Summer Wedding

    Have you thought about Nicotiana sylvestris for colour height & scent? I also love the lime green euphorbias - very long lived when cut. There is also a terrific book by the fellow that did all the flowers for "Four Weddings & a Funeral" which you should be able to find at the library.

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