Appreciation: Fleurs de Villes NOËL

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    From A floral art trail will "bloom" in Vancouver just in time for Christmas | Listed (,
    Here are my favourites; these are all done with real flowers.
    Inside the Hotel Vancouver
    Fleurs-de-Ville-1_HotelVancouverLobbyW_Cutler_20211214_150236.jpg Fleurs-de-Ville-1_HotelVancouverLobbyW_Cutler_20211214_150258.jpg

    A reindeer on Robson Street. I don't know what these leaves are. The brown undersides were a little fuzzy. I think they look real because some have extra lobes. I assume the magenta ones are spray coloured.
    Fleurs-de-Ville-8_1045Robson_Cutler_20211214_151007.jpg Fleurs-de-Ville-8_1045Robson_Cutler_20211214_151114.jpg Fleurs-de-Ville-8_1045Robson_Cutler_20211214_151127.jpg

    This model is on top of a bus shelter. The boots are fabulous.
    Fleurs-de-Ville-13_RobsonThurlow_Cutler_20211214_145243.jpg Fleurs-de-Ville-13_RobsonThurlow_Cutler_20211214_145328.jpg Fleurs-de-Ville-13_RobsonThurlow_Cutler_20211214_145258.jpg

    I remember this sportscar from the spring event, but of course different flowers.

    Next to the previous one,, the sign mentioned the amaranth flowers (on the sash) - so clever.
    Fleurs-de-Ville-24_ThurlowAlberni_Cutler_20211214_145524.jpg Fleurs-de-Ville-24_ThurlowAlberni_Cutler_20211214_145534.jpg Fleurs-de-Ville-24_ThurlowAlberni_Cutler_20211214_145556.jpg Fleurs-de-Ville-24_ThurlowAlberni_Cutler_20211214_145604.jpg Fleurs-de-Ville-24_ThurlowAlberni_Cutler_20211214_145641.jpg

    This bicycle is in a street area closed to cars, with seating for the nearby cafe.
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