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    Hello everyone... I have nursed a big beautiful Ficus Bonsai back to life and I think it may need a pruning however there are not many branches but a large trunk. Watched several YouTube videos but nothing really captured what my tree looked like.

    looking for some advice

    pictures attached for reference

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    Welcome to the Forum!
    Congratulations on reviving your big Ficus. That in itself is an accomplishment.

    Below, link to images that made me think of your tree:
    Figure 12: Bonsai 2: nejikan style (twisted cascade) and Bonsai 3:...

    You might do something along the lines of Windswept/Cascade/Literati forms:
    Bonsai styles, shapes and forms - Bonsai Empire

    Windswept Bonsai style (Fukinagashi)

    The windswept style also is a good example of trees that must struggle to survive. The branches as well as the trunk grow to one side as if the wind has been blowing the tree constantly in one direction. The branches grow out on all sides of the trunk but will all eventually be bent to one side.

    However, as the introductory paragraph to the above page states:
    Over the years many styles to classify Bonsai trees have been advanced, closely resembling circumstances in nature. These styles are open to personal interpretation and creativity, meaning that trees do not necessarily need to conform to any form.

    I think that you have a unique and interesting tree, and that you know it well. My advice is to follow its lead. Success with any plant has a lot to do with paying attention to it, as you clearly have been doing.

    Keep up the good work!

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