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    This year I have high hopes in a nice size crop of fava beans started in a new gardening location. At the same time I seeded some flats of leafy greens to transplant in a neighboring bed. Only thing is the seeding mix that I had made made from a previous garden had always imparted fava beans with a serious spat of fava bean rust (Uromyces viciae-fabae) later in the season. I am not sure how this fungus exists and spreads, if the spores can lie dormant in soil or if they are present only on fava plant matter. Given I would like to do everything possible to prevent this fungus from becoming established, it occurred to me I may have to sacrifice these the starts I intended to transplant. Am I being paranoid by my ignorance about this blight, or would I be better taking all the precautions? I am not sure how much this seeding mix was mingling with a prior fava bean crop, but do believe some of the soil is present in the mix. These sprouts are ready for new beds like tomorrow, so if anyone could steer me in the right direction ..

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