Eriogonum Umbellatum / Grande Rubescens

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    Research tells me that these two Eriogonums thrive in sunny, dry coastal areas, and as such I believe that they would be very well suited to Vancouver's Sunshine Coast area. Others have said it would not do well there, but I remain convinced that these would thrive very well on a dry rocky cliff overlooking the ocean, in the zone 8-9 Sunshine Coast. Am I correct?

    Also, where can they be purchased? (The closer to Vancouver, the better)
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    Re: Eriogonum umbellatum -- I think the issue is that it can't typically handle the winter wet. We have plants here at the garden, but these are in a covered glass habitat to prevent winter rains. There might be a variety or two that can handle winter rains, but I think you'd need to have locally-sourced seed -- see Eriogonum umbellatum for a list of many, many varieties (mostly east of the Cascades). I think it'd be worth a try in a dry, rocky cliffside garden.

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