Emerald cedar question

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    Hi everyone,
    New to the forums, my name is Len.
    My question pertains to emerald cedars.
    I have four of them planted in 50 gallon pots , in a coir/perlite mix until I can plant them in their final spots and they are starting to droop.
    At first I attributed it to overwatering but I cut that down and then one of them started to get brown. With another also starting to brown as well.
    Could it be due to the potting mix? I used this mix, as the area I want to put it in is clay and wanted to build a stronger root system.
    Anyways I look forward to any input.
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    Cedar's need fairly consistent moisture. I brought in a batch of 4 footers in #7 pots last summer, and found that to keep them happy, I had to water them daily. You don't say what size they are, but a 50 gallon pot should support a cedar 8 feet tall.

    Pearite and coir I think would drain awfully fast, and you have have watering running straight through the pot, with most of the volume remaining dry.

    When you plant them out, try mixing about 50% wood chips into the top 8 inches of soil. Put down 4 inches of chips, and rototill in.) This will both aerate the clay, and the wood chips act as sponges. Keep them well mulched too.

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