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    Hello.......I have a fruit tree and I had a stone wall made around it so I could plant flowers inside the oval wall.

    The stone wall is quite high and so is the covers nearly 2 feet of the tree's bark.

    I was wondering if I should put something around the tree bark to protect it from the earth?
    What will happen if I do nothing?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    One of the following may happen:
    1. The tree can die or be adversely affected because the roots will be buried under 2 ft of soil and will be deprived of oxygen, causing them to suffocate and die.
    2. If the tree is grafted, it can sprout new roots above the graft union, negating the effectiveness of the rootstock.

    Putting an inner wall around the tree may prevent item 2, but not item 1 and would have to be far enough away from the bark to allow the tree to grow to full size.

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