Early-spring sheared potentilla not yet blooming

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    Victoria [Saanich, actually, northeast of Victoria
    I sheared back about 2/3 of existing individual size a group of older potentilla shrubs, white blooming, which had become tall, mis-shapen and rangy, about 1/3 late last fall and another 1/3 very early in the spring when the weather was still cold and rainy.

    By now they have rounded up to the size and shape they most typically are shown as, are full, but have not yet bloomed nor do I see any buds except a bit of bloom on one side-shoot on one shrub.

    I have watered in dry weather, added some general-use granular fertilizer earlier in the spring, mulched evenly with about 2 inches of rotted bark now mingled in with some mushroom compost; other plants such as evergreen candytuft mingled with them are growing and blooming well.

    The site is slightly sloped and well-drained. There is a lot of light there and the sun is full on the site from noon to setting, with some dappled shade from a nearby cherry tree and they grow on the shady side of the low slope.

    A preliminary web check shows that sometimes they won't bloom the same year they are renovated. Am I probably not going to get bloom this year?

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