Dioon spinulosum

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    These new leaves of Dioon spinulosum are bursting with life. Dioon spinulosum is of the Cycadales order, commonly called "cycad," of which the so-called sago palm is also a member. There are only about 300 species in this order, and some still to be discovered. This easy to care for and fast-growing cycad from Mexico has large, gracefully arching, gray-green leaves and fuzzy stems. The large seeds (the size of pigeon eggs) have been used historically as a food source by being ground into flour, and the resinous sap, called chicalitos, chewed as a gum (remember Chiclets?). D. spinulosum is one of the most trouble-free cycads when given warm, humid conditions in partial shade or filtered sun. Outdoors it can only take a few degrees of occasional frost (to -3 Celsius) but thrives indoors in the house or conservatory.

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