Dianthus and Strawberry

Discussion in 'Small Space Gardening' started by Camilo, Jul 26, 2005.

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    Hi I dont know exactly where to post this so I guess Ill put it here seen as I have a small garden in my balcony.

    I have a dianthus roysii that was given to me as a present.. I dont really know how to take care of it but I suspect its not very hard. Can anyone give me an overall idea of important things to remember when taking care of them?

    My second question involves strawberries. I recently bought a beautiful strawberry plant and a friend bought another one at the same time. Hers is not giving much fruit that I know, but mine gives some unfinished fruit.. sort of bulby can either be white or red but no definite strawberry form. It seems as if during the middle of the fruit forming process it got stuck.. has anyone encountered this problem before?? It does not seem to be a feeding problem as it looks pretty happy and I dont think the plant would even give fruit if it was lacking nutrients. It is in the sun all day (Vancouver weird summer) but I have seen other strawberry plants fruit even in our weather.

    Thanks a bunch
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    Hi Camilo,

    Could only find one site with any kind of info on growing your dianthus. Since it's listed everywhere as a rock garden plant, I would say it will need excellent drainage.

    As to the strawberries, I always remove the flowers the first year so the plant can put it's energy into growing a good strong root system. Do check to see if they are planted either too deep or too shallow. See if this helps.


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