deer on Vancouver Island

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    Margot, I'm surprised that your electric fence didn't work; perhaps the charger/energizer didn't put out enough voltage. Was it powered by batteries or 120 VAC? I've used two chargers over the last 30 years, both AC powered; and both put out enough voltage to feel a significant shock even when standing on dry concrete with rubber-soled shoes. They've been 100% effective during that time, regardless of the weather; although, I did water the ground under the wires occasionally during really dry weather.
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    I used Bobbex and many other methods to try and discourage deer from browsing the gardens at VIU Horticulture Dept. in Nanaimo where I worked. The best product I found is called Meat Meal which is sold now through Cinnabar Valley Farms in Nanaimo. You require an account to purchase there. The product was developed by a local person in Nanaimo and is inexpensive compared to PlantSkyd and I originally purchased it in Home Depot for around $7.00 for a 1.5 kg. container. Not sold instore any longer since Cinnabar bought the rights to it. Made from deceased deer carcass and when deer approaching your plants smell it they think there has been a kill and leave. It does wash off and needs to be reapplied after a few rain events but I found it to be the longest lasting and most effective repellent for deer. My dog loved licking it off the plants! It's also a soil fertilizer similar to Blood Meal.
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    All that's needed is black plastic deer netting stapled to peeler poles.

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