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    Douglas Justice's December in the Garden 2021 - UBC Botanical Garden blog is all about viburnums. It's actually a duplicate of the December 2018 blog, but I was away for that, and I only posted V. davidii and V. cinnamomifolium when I got back in February, at Viburnums.

    So this was pretty exciting, since I had this nudge to go back and learn what I'd missed. I thought the others were all new to me, but I see I've posted three of them before. Well, one I do even know when I see it. I didn't find labels on five of them, but the descriptions were good enough that I think I have them right. Even though I'd looked at the photos in the blog, I still found it hard to find these, because they're all so different from each other ("a diverse lot" indeed). I kept thinking that I don't have any general Viburnum idea in my head, how will I recognize these things?! After I stopped complaining to myself, I realized I'd found them all. So here they are, in the order in the blog.

    Viburnum foetidum. I was sure this was not it, but it was the only shrub in the location given that could have been it, and I see it looks just like the one I posted before.
    Viburnum-foetidum_UBCBG-3ACA_Cutler_20211202_135935.jpg Viburnum-foetidum_UBCBG-3ACA_Cutler_20211202_135057.jpg

    Viburnum awabukii. This is the one at Campbell and Beer Trails, which I identified by the description of the shiny leaves. Both locations of this are in Garden Explorer as Viburnum awabuki 'Chindo'.
    Viburnum-awabukii_UBCBG-3AAF_Cutler_20211202_130405.jpg Viburnum-awabukii_UBCBG-3AAF_Cutler_20211202_130420.jpg Viburnum-awabukii_UBCBG-3AAF_Cutler_20211202_130451.jpg

    Viburnum chingii. I was looking for undersized leaves, then found the label on this.
    Viburnum-chingii_UBCBG-3AC8_Cutler_20211202_135530.jpg Viburnum-chingii_UBCBG-3AC8_Cutler_20211202_135411.jpg Viburnum-chingii_UBCBG-3AC8_Cutler_20211202_135418.jpg Viburnum-chingii_UBCBG-3AC8_Cutler_20211202_135510.jpg

    Viburnum cylindricum. I decided this has leaves that look like viburnum to me. I didn't notice anything about the waxiness of the leaves or find any signatures.
    Viburnum-cylindricum_UBCBG-3ACA_Cutler_20211202_134526.jpg Viburnum-cylindricum_UBCBG-3ACA_Cutler_20211202_134542.jpg Viburnum-cylindricum_UBCBG-3ACA_Cutler_20211202_134607.jpg Viburnum-cylindricum_UBCBG-3ACA_Cutler_20211202_134639.jpg Viburnum-cylindricum_UBCBG-3ACA_Cutler_20211202_134621.jpg

    Viburnum rhytidophyllum. I think I missed most of this, just noticed a few sprigs that were at eye level. This is pretty widely planted around town. I posted photos of a much less wild-looking one in my neighbourhood at Viburnum rhytidophyllum - November flower buds | UBC Botanical Garden Forums.
    Viburnum-rhytidophyllum_UBCBG-3AD2_Cutler_20211202_140134.jpg Viburnum-rhytidophyllum_UBCBG-3AD2_Cutler_20211202_140226.jpg

    Viburnum henry. No purple staining on the leaves yet. This is at a very prominent corner at Upper Asian Way and Kingdon Ward Way, and I have never thought this was a viburnum, or even given it any notice at all.
    Viburnum-henryi_UBCBG-3AC8_Cutler_20211202_140707.jpg Viburnum-henryi_UBCBG-3AC8_Cutler_20211202_140826.jpg
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