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    Burnaby North on a slope facing south & a view :-)
    Hi I bought a Two Daturas (the double frilly ones) Angel trumpet purple and white. They are in a 12" pot by a pond and have bloomed nicely but not grown in height. Now they have big balls I presume these are the seeds?
    What can I do with them? Shall I remove them and dry them? I most likely will keep them in an unheated greenhouse over the winter or MUST they come indoors?
    We also have an Yellow single Angel Trumpet bush, that I keep indoors from October and it keeps blooming well into autumn then I over winter it in the basement by an east window and prune it back. The main stem is now like 1 1/2" thick. Its about 1.5 m tall and quite wide in shape. Thank you.
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    Check the roots of the Datura -- some are (botanically) annual. Is it one of these? ‘Frilly Lizard’ (which are, they write, "more or less annual")
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    Any advice on getting your Datura to flower? I had one this year and it never produced any flowers. I was feeding it pretty heavily as my colleague who gave it to me said it is necessary for flower production.

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