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    When I took the Master Gardener course in Vancouver 25 or so years ago, I remember a subject briefly discussed that some flowers - especially daffodils - were losing their fragrance. I think the theory was that they were over-hybridized. This is something I'd like to know more about especially as I smell the daffs in my garden and find them very disappointing.

    This website seems to suggest that some cultivars are exceedingly scented.
    Scented Daffodil Trial 2018 - Pumpkin Beth

    The bulbs in my garden were probably planted at least 20 years ago and probably the standby King Alfred. What I wonder is if they and other daffodil cultivars can lose their fragrance over time and, if so, why?

    Also, more generally, is whether other hybridized plants may lose fragrance over time.

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