Cuban royal palm growing in pot

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    Last time when I was in La Habana, Cuba, I collected some seeds of the Cuban royal palm. Back at home (I live in Munich, Germany) I put two of them with little hope and just for fun into a bigger pot of some other plant. I was never awaiting that the seeds came out, because the room temprature is around 22 C degrees and I have read somewhere that they need 27 (That's why I was awaiting summer here to give the rest a try).

    Well, yesterday I realized that one of the seed is growing. See the foto.

    Now I have some questions:
    1) What would be the ideal time to wait and how to separate the small palm out of the pot of the other plant?
    2) Will the other seeds are still usable after half a year?
    3) What would be the ideal method to plant the seeds in my environment?

    Thanks in advance


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