Cryptomeria japonica 'Sekkan'

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    Upright, to 25 ft (7.6 m) tall, dense, leaves narrow and yellow to almost white at the tips.
    Hardy to USDA Zone 5

    Seems to be some confusion about this selection(s?), listed as both fast and slow growing. Perhaps some of the confusion can be attributed to insufficient attention in handling similar Japanese cultivar names. Jacobson (1996) lists ‘Sekka Sugi’ and ‘Sekkwia Sugi’ as synonyms for the "warped and twisted" cultivar, ‘Cristata’; and that ‘Sekkan Sugi’ may appear as ‘Sekhan Sugi’. van Gelderen and van Hoey Smith (1996, p 216) have a picture of a cultivar listed only as ‘Sekkan’.


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    Will clearly grow taller than that under suitable conditions, probably some larger than that here now and it hasn't been on the general market that long. Variations in growth rate would be due to variations in climate and site, perhaps also location of scions on stock plant.

    As with English some similar Japanese words have different meanings, and the same word may have unrelated meanings. Some here in the West prefer 'Sekkan', without 'Sugi' due to the inclusion of the latter being seen as redundant. Don't know how the cultivar is being listed in Japan.

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