Containerized Meyer lemon: mottled yellow leaves, leaf drop

Discussion in 'Citrus' started by nantucket-meyer, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and to growing citrus. We recently rescued a dwarf Meyer lemon from a neighbor. The previous owner kept it indoors in a south facing window. Unfortunately, it was terribly over-watered when we received it and the tree was planted in a too large, non-permeable container. Although it had a few (unripe) lemons, the tree had barren branches, mottled yellow leaves, and was dropping leaves frequently.

    We gently re-potted the Meyer lemon in a cactus soil mix within a smaller terracotta pot and placed it in a south facing window. When the plant was re-potted, the roots appeared to be healthy, firm, and white. After re-potting, the plant continued to drop leaves for about two weeks, but eventually stabilized and began to exhibit new leaf growth. We were happy to have turned a corner!

    We water the Meyer lemon weekly, testing the soil with our finger to check the moisture level. Three weeks ago, we fertilized the tree with Jobe Organics Fruit and Citrus Fertilizer (3-5-5) by sprinkling 1/8 cup on the soil and misting with water thoroughly after the application. The tree has been watered twice since then, about once a week, on the same watering schedule as before. Within the last week, however, the tree's remaining leaves have begun to look sickly and turn mottled yellow. Clearly this is the wrong approach... and the tree looks dramatically worst.

    Any helpful advice would be most appreciated. What should we do to save this tree?

    Thanks and best, Photo Jul 14, 13 35 24.jpg Photo Jul 14, 13 36 18.jpg Photo Jul 14, 13 36 27.jpg Photo Jul 14, 13 36 55.jpg Photo Jul 14, 13 37 03.jpg

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    The new growth (last photo) seems to be healthy....water when soil is almost dry, give it sun for half day and keep it outside if you can (temperature above 68° F)

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