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  1. My Name is Jonathan Carrigan, and I'm the New Media Business Manager at Knowledge Network. We're working on an online presentation about Flowers and Gardens, and I'm looking for information about plants we see every day and know nothing about. Can anyone provide me some names and pictures of plants commonly found in BC gardens? Any suggestions for people to interview would also be great. Thanks for what ever info you can provide.

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    First of all, here's UBC Botanical Garden's list of plant experts:

    Media Sources

    As for information about plants we see every day and know nothing about - that's a big question! I can see several answers, depending on:
    1) whether the audience is plant-savvy or has a more casual interest.
    2) whether the audience is provincial-wide or more focussed on the Lower Mainland / Vancouver Island - there is a big difference in what can be commonly grown in Fort Nelson vs Victoria gardens.

    Would you be able to narrow down the details a bit more? Thanks.
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