Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic'

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by Daniel Mosquin, Aug 15, 2003.

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    The following was received via email:

    I am having a problem with a Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic'. The leaves are curling and have what looks like dry spots on them. The soil is kept damp and I have placed it in full sun and part shade trying to find the right spot. I have another Colocasia and it is excellent. Can you help?
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    gnerally they would prefer shade, especially in this warm weather of late, I have mine at the nursery in part shade, maybe 3 to 5 inches of water ( from the bottom of the pot, so basically almost submerged to the soil level) and they do fine, they do shed a leaf or two at times but the curling is most likely heat related.

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